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Ristorante Claretta Diner Reviews

As close to perfection as you can get

By Vanessa Cascio Broughton

As close to perfection as you can get. Sono una Italiana da Brooklyn. I am Super picky. My food was incredible. Amazing wine, too. And to top it off, personable service, the best tiramisu since my last trip to Italia and un cappuccino perfetto! Cannot wait to return! Many thanks!

The Best Italian Restaurant

By Charles Passy “Palm Beach Post Restaurant Critic”


The last time The Post visited Claretta, our critic saw its potential as a true Italian-style family-run restaurant. But now, Claretta has come into its own, with Northern Italian food that’s deftly prepared, from the homemade pastas to the hard-to-find seafood items, courtesy of chef Francesco Igegnoli. Add to that a degree of graciousness that never crosses the line into Palm Beach-style snootiness and you have a world-class dining experience.


As I said, Claretta makes you feel at home. But the restaurant also takes care of the details that too many others forget, from refilling a bread basket to properly clearing the table between courses.


Ravioli stuffed with butternut squash. Taste-wise, the filling strikes a delectable balance between sweet and savory. Texture-wise, the homemade pasta is al dente defined. What more could you want (Oh, and the dish can also be served in a half-portion as an appetizer.)

Ristorante Claretta offers authentic Italian dishes in Palm City

By Patricia Smith “restaurant reviewer”

The essence and authenticity of northern Italian cuisine is easy to explain but difficult to master. If you have romantic notions and a desire to know what it is like to dine in Italy, Ristorante Claretta in Palm City is the place to experience an evening in Italia without leaving the United States. Claretta’s manages to master all aspects of cucina Italiana nord with its décor, atmosphere and most importantly, every bite.

Ristorante Claretta a taste of Italy in Palm City

By Barbara Rader “restaurant reviewer”

The Treasure Coast indeed has a treasure in this family-owned and operated upscale northern Italian restaurant. Claretta and daughter Cristina greet familiar diners by bestowing double-cheek kisses as they arrive and leave. Chef Francesco Ingegnoli, Claretta’s son, works wonders creating innovative, delicious dishes in his kitchen. Waiters keep baskets filled with Tuscan style bread that needs no embellishment. Glasses are artfully filled as waiters whisk by without seeming to hurry carrying armfuls of steaming dishes.

One could easily imagine dining near Lago Maggiore, rather than a Palm City shopping center, where Claretta’s recently celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Ristorante Claretta
1315 SW Martin Highway
Palm City, Florida 34990

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